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At Azovi, we are simplifying recruitment by connecting skilled tech professionals with opportunities that align with their ambitions.


Azovi is a tech product produced by Parallelscore’s innovation lab. It is a platform that connects tech professionals with job opportunities. It emphasizes showcasing skills through GitHub portfolios, automates job discovery, and provides recruiters with tangible proof of a candidate’s expertise. It offers personalized recommendations and access to a pool of verified tech talents. Azovi aims to streamline hiring and facilitate connections between talented individuals and companies. 

Our Mission

At Azovi, our mission is to make job discovery and recruitment simpler and more effective for everyone without compromising quality

Why Choose Azovi

Efficiency and Time Savings

Automation streamlines the job posting, candidate sourcing, and initial screening processes. This allows tech engineers and hiring managers to focus their time and expertise on critical tasks like interviewing, assessing technical skills, and making strategic hiring decisions. It reduces manual administrative work, making the recruitment process faster and more efficient. 


With the use of algorithms and AI-driven tools to match job requirements with the skills and qualifications of potential candidates, you get a more targeted and efficient candidate selection, increasing the likelihood of finding the right fit for tech roles.  

Data-Driven Decision Making

Our platform generates valuable recruitment data and analytics, allowing us to analyze the most effective job posting platforms, identify bottlenecks, and optimize your hiring strategy. We use this data to make informed decisions and improve your recruitment process.  

Enhanced Experience

Our platform simplifies job search, applications, tracking, and communication with recruiters. No more CV rework is needed.  

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Our system is designed to remove bias from job postings and promote equal opportunities.  

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